Happy 2018!


It’s the 2nd day of the new year and very cold here in State College.  Snowy surroundings are keeping us inside, but I must take my boy Kirby out for a much-needed walk.  You’ll get to know and meet Kirby more in future posts – he’s my little love!  School is out this week for my girls and they are loving it.  We are enjoying this quiet and slowed-down time of being home.  My husband Mike is thankfully busy with work and has already left the house.  My mom also lives with us and I expect to hear the whirring of her sewing machine soon.

Excitement is growing for me more than intimidation as I trek around this new routine of blogging.  I look forward to sharing what we’re up to, future projects, ideas, sights and inspiration found along the way.  Feedback is most welcome as well – ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere!

Happy 2018!  Wishing all much love, light, positivity and nothing but gratitude in the months to come.

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