Fairy Friends

During our long holiday break, we weren’t going to pass up the time for some crafting, so we made fairies!  I had actually made these very same fairies as a giveaway item for one of my daughter’s birthday parties years ago.  Visiting the local craft store is extra fun when you have a specific project in mind!



As you will soon discover, I am rather obsessed with my dog, Kirby.  Whenever I see something in any store we are in that resembles him, I squeal!  It drives my girls nuts.

Off to the wooden crafts’ section we went to pick up our fairy “bodies”.  At home, their hair was drawn, then painted, then sprayed with sealer from my husband’s supply of spray cans in the garage.  Their faces were sharpie’d by my daughter.


Out came our supply of old silk flowers used as their lovely dresses and wings, attached with hot glue.   Little adhesive “jewels” were attached as hair accessories and on the backs of their wings.



Aren’t they darling?!  They are part of an ongoing project to make a fairy house.  It seems that fairy love has been reawakened in our house, and it is a welcome thing.


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