A Look Back at 2017’s Workshops

For the past several weeks, planning this year’s offerings in floral design & botanical arts  have been heavily on my mind….as is customary at the close of a year and into the new one, I suppose.  While my goal is always to come up with fresh and on-trend ideas, it’s a joy to offer prior years’ workshops due to their popularity – especially if folks request them or ask if they are being offered again.  Perusing last year’s photos is a fun task for planning what comes up next, so peruse I did!  Seeing it all was such fun, not to mention remembering all the lovely people who came.  There were returning students from past classes and they are always a joy to have back.  I thought a stroll down memory lane on here would be appropriate as I contemplate on the coming year…..

Let’s start with the succulents!  Succulents were a big part of last year.  I LOVE working with succulents.  They are so versatile and easy to care for, pleasing to both those new to plants and those with green thumbs.  I love that they come in all different sizes, shapes and colors.  We made new homes for them in terrariums, teacups, wreaths, even pumpkins.


I am so grateful that I am able to indulge in my love for flowers with the floral arranging workshops!  It allows me relive and look back on my days as a floral designer, but in a no-pressure, no-wedding-deadline, very relaxed way 😉

Topiaries for Mother’s Day surrounded us with the scent of roses.


We did asymmetrical floral arranging, keeping in mind proper balance and form, yet letting our own design instincts go free.


Arranging that grocery store-bought bouquet at home became a fine art for some, learning the basics of vase floral arranging.


As Halloween approached, young ones and their moms created Mumkins (Mums + Pumpkins) together.  The “mommy and kiddo” workshops are extra special – seeing great collaboration during special carved-out time spent among parents and their kids.


Floral Turkeys were born in time for Thanksgiving this year!  This was another parent-and-child activity.


Fairy Gardens were especially fun – yet another workshop involving both parents and their youngsters.  Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the little worlds imagined and created together.  Not only for little girls, but for little boys as well!


Making Kokedamas was another super-fun workshop!  Wondering what a Kokedama is?  Kokedama in Japanese means “moss ball” in which a plant grows.


And finally, December was an extremely busy month with a number of evergreen wreath-making workshops.  Mid-month, some lovely ladies made woodsy, natural arrangements to last through the holiday merriment.


So lovely to revisit those days of workshops, getting me more excited for the months ahead – to nurture creativity, to sense the pride and joy in my fellow makers as projects take form and are completed.  2018 is going to be awesome!

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