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Kitchen Wall Art

Let me share with you a simple way to add some fun decor to your home – for not much money at all and more importantly for much-enjoyed DIY and crafting time.  Using some up cycled small picture frames and the right sized calendar pages to make an art display that’s on-trend and super-cool!

On a weekend spent in Philadelphia right before the holiday season, I stopped in at one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie.  I always have a hankering to browse in that amazing store – I’m especially drawn to their house wares, which is where I found this  2018 desk calendar.  These watercolor paintings of all well-loved destinations around the world are all so modern and fun!


I’ve been looking for some simple new decor to add to my kitchen – specifically where the soffit exists with blank space above my cupboards.  Blank space?  Yes, that’s what I call it.  If you were to stop in at my house, you’ll see that I aspire to have most of my walls graced with pictures – my kids’ framed art projects, family photos, framed post cards and cards, posters, the list goes on.  The hubby often says there’s too much on the walls, but I ignore him.  Anyway, back to the soffit.  That blank space had decorative plates for a long time, then nothing – until I could find something just right, and fitting of the personality of our home – and these calendar pages are it.


Being a happy and avid DIY’er, I’m always on the hunt at our local Goodwill for items to use in a project – most often to decorate our home.  There’s something about taking used items and giving them new life.  It’s kinda’ my thing – that hunt is a joy for me.

It’s been some time since I started collecting small black frames for this particular project, and Goodwill always has those and all for cheap!  After I cut the images down to size and chose which frames (as they were all different sizes) they’d go into, I cut pieces of black construction paper for the backing of each picture – easy peasy.  And they look chic, don’t you think?


I am so very pleased with how they turned out!!!


I’m short four frames so off to Goodwill I’ll go, so the rest of these destinations (namely Tokyo, Amsterdam, London, and Rome) can grace the soffit above the cabinets opposite these.  See what a few bucks could do to make your home a bit happier?  And — 2018 calendars are all on sale right now…..oh, the hubby will go crazy with all these other wall art ideas I have (wink wink).

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