Happy for 2021

Yes….it’s been over two years since I’ve been here on the blog and to say that a lot has happened since then is quite an understatement after the butt-kicking 2020 we’ve all had, right? I’m delighted that there were still visits to the blog and it is my goal to stay and continue to share things going on here. Thanks for the interest and for staying in touch!

I will not belabor on the past of 2020. It’s all we’ve been seeing, hearing and feeling – still. What I will share is my utmost gratitude for a very good thing that happened during the pandemic, and that is the revival of my handmade business. Can you guess how? Face Masks! Yes, another topic that you are so over with. But face masks saved our family and supported us during quarantine while my husband Mike could not work. Face masks brought back life to my dormant Etsy shop and also rejuvenated my love for sewing. It was such a blessing to know money was coming in during a tough time and to be able to contribute to our bottom line. Face Masks! Who would’ve thought? I’m sure many of my fellow handmade mask makers feel the same. I’m sure you makers also share in the gratitude of being able to help others during the pandemic in even the smallest way.

My goal – as is always my goal – is to live positively as much as possible and to spread positivity. My face masks have allowed me to do that, by offering colorful, vibrant and happy designs. If we have to wear these, why not choose ones we actually like? And the message was well received. Let me say it yet again – I am so thankful to all of you who have supported my small business. And I’m tickled you love my masks and they are serving you well! You are appreciated more than you know.

OK, enough about the face masks. 2021 is here, and I’m happy that it’s a brand new year. Committed to a fresh start here, especially after having weathered so much. As I type this, snow is falling outside and it’s cold out there. This winter has had record-breaking snowfall all over the country. (Texans, we are thinking of you!) But a new season will be upon us. I am looking forward to what 2021 brings and have faith that we can all move forward and slowly and safely open up again and enjoy our beautiful world. But to put 2020 behind, we can only do it if we embody some wisdom I heard at this past Sunday’s mass at my church…by fully cultivating peace in our own hearts so that we may share peace with others. Pressing on here and looking forward to better days for all of us as 2021 unfolds.

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