It’s a delight to have you stop by. I’m a newbie here in the blogging world, so I appreciate your patience as I muddle through this process. My name is Sylvia and I am a happy wife and mother to the best husband and two wonderful girls. I am fortunate to be doing what I love – being a maker/entrepreneur. I thrive on creativity, positivity and an attitude of gratitude. I’ve always been a maker of sorts and have been attracted to artful projects since I was a little girl. Recalling an early memory from my Kindergarten days of a burlap fabric picture with strings of yarn sewn using a giant plastic needle, I distinctly remember the textures, colors and most of all the sense of accomplishment after it was all done. Fast forward to the present time, a sewing hobby that began several months after I became a mom has now turned into a passion, currently in the form of handbags, purses and accessories. More recently, making fabric face masks has been my focus. It’s been a joy to offer them in vibrant and happy prints, with the goal of keeping positivity alive during this time of COVID-19. Praying our world gets completely past it soon.


I come from a family of seamstresses. After my Grandfather was killed at the outset of World War II in the Philippines, my Grandmother began her own sewing business to make a living in support of her three daughters. Being a strong, hardworking and innovative woman, it didn’t take long for her business to flourish. Soon she had a team of neighborhood women working at her home to fulfill the demand for more “house dresses” at the local market. My grandmother’s passion for sewing was passed down to my mother who became her young apprentice.


Growing up, my mother made clothes for my sisters and me. During certain holidays we would be treated to picking fabrics and styles for our special dresses. The whirring sound of the sewing machine could often be heard as our house was transformed into a home, adorned with handmade curtains, quilts and pillows. At the present time, being a grandmother herself, my mother still nourishes her sewing passion making dresses for my two girls. My own passion for sewing began when I took quilting classes at the urging of my mother-in-law who would entertain my first-born daughter so I could devote some time to my craft.

As you may notice, my story is interwoven with grandmothers. For this reason, the term “Lola”, which means grandmother in the Philippines, is also interwoven in my works as a maker and botanical arts instructor.  It is my way of honoring them.  And it all started with my beloved Lola Nena and her resilience many years ago.  Her creative spirit and joyful nature reside in my heart and drive me to make the best hand-crafted items possible.  All of these wonderful grandmothers played a part in motivating me toward a creative life – this joyous life I am grateful to be living.  And I am grateful to be sharing this journey with you.